Wednesday, October 12, 2011

$50 challange

As promised on my facebook page yesterday, I made a challenge for myself today ...spend only 50.00 on groceries. Here is my details...

Of course I went to Albertsons...again I am sorry it is just really convenient for me and often they really do have some awesome deals.

( Excuse the bug on my roof :p )
My biggest draw to Albertsons is their box top for education promotions. Here is a link to my local promotion...Here 

My first 10
4 Totino's pizza rolls
4 Totino's pizzas
2 Grands Biscuits...
All of these were a 1.00 each when you buy 10, but then we add the coupons! You can use these...
Betty Crocker Coupons    just sign up! Then you can print up to 2 of each coupon.
ok So I used 1.00 off of 4 pizzas = 3.00
.40 off of one pizza rolls ( manufacture clipped coupons) and .35 off of 2 printable coupon =3.25
.30 off of 2 biscuits printable....85 each or 1.70
Total for this 10 = 7.95
A savings of $2.05
Do not use this photocopy!
My next 10
2 boxes of Cheerios
2 boxes of Cookie Crisp
4 Progresso soups
3 grands biscuits ( yes I realize that is 11, I will explain)

So as you see in the picture above I used 2 printable coupons from smart 
for the cereal... on sale they are 1.99 each so w/ the above mentioned coupon I got each set of 2 for 2.98   1.49 a box

I used a coupon from the same website for the Progresso soups. on sale they were 1.29 each, with the coupon total price was 4.20 or 1.05 a can

Thanks to my little model! See the peelie (coupon) on top of the can he is holding? It is for .30 off of 3 grands biscuits. Again these were on sale for 1.00 each (although realizing now that by buying 3 of them I paid 1.50 for one of them ) so total for the three is $3.20 or 1.07 a can .
So total for these 10 was =


Not as good as the first 10 but I saved 3.30
I ALWAYS grab at least one set of these bogo  (buy one get one free ) specials so 2 packages for a total of $8.88
Also I got super lucky with these deals...
Just because they are discounted does not mean they are bad, it means you either . All this means is that you need to either use them quickly or freeze them as soon as you get home. These "manager specials" were on the chicken shown and the steaks underneath them. The chicken I got for a little over 3.00 and the steaks I got for a little over 4.00 so Approx. Total 7.00

I was also thrilled to find this managers special...

This is awesome! OK so these are already on special for 2.99...2.00 means I paid .99! ( This particular product expires on the 14th so i will use it tonight or tomorrow)
I also bought another one because I had a coupon for 1.00 off (and wasn't sure I could combine with the managers special) so my second one cost 1.99

When pasta is on sale I go crazy! I love pasta! American Beauty pasta is on sale for 1.00 each so I bought 3 different kinds of pasta.

I could have planned this part a bit better and I think it is part of the reason why I went a little over budget...I will get there, anyway Barilla pasta sauce is yummy and I knew that Saving Star had a coupon for it, so that I will get 1.00 rebate later, however! The rebate is for the sauce and the barilla pasta :(
So I paid 3.49 for a jar of pasta sauce
Last week ( I forgot to post my trip last week but I really want to be better at that) I bought 10 for 10 Nalley's chilli at Safeway...But one can not live on chili alone. So today i used a manufactures coupon from last weeks "moments" insert for 1.00 off of 2 bags of Frito's. They were 2.99 a bag so total = 4.98

I think that is the other thing that put me over budget :(

Yes I said it twice now, I was over budget. My goal was 50.00... I spent $56.00
For all of this!

So what do you think?
How did I do?

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